Le Pasha Amchit

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“Sea Food Restaurant”

“Le Pasha” Restaurant is offering a menu of seafood and beverages with a distinctive image.


There are three ways to purchase these products; table service at the restaurant (order from the menu, or choose one of our formulas), take-out from the restaurant, and delivery to home or office.
The menu is moderate sized, and moderate priced offering a collection of items with a common theme: seafood, flavorful, and familiar.
Food production and assembly take place in the restaurant’s kitchen which is designed for high standards of sanitary efficiency and cleaned daily.
Fresh vegetables and fish products are purchased daily in the morning.
Each customer who visits us will want to return and will recommend us to his/her friends and family. Positive word of mouth is our powerful ally.
Superior Customer Service: friendly, prompt and smiley service front employees will help us in constructing the positive word of mouth.
Location: close to both the north and the mount of Lebanon, the restaurant enjoys a strategic location. In addition, it is easily accessible from the parking lot.
Product/Environment: Offer a variety of quality sold at a fair price in a clean, authentic, comfortable environment.

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